Neurosensory (formerly known as Everything Hearing) has been providing hearing tests, audiology assessments, and treatment to patients of all ages for more than fifteen years. We have five clinics located in Melbourne. Our staff are ethical, professional and caring and are not paid commissions for hearing aid recommendations.

We are a complete hearing health care company, proudly owned by over 50 Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeons, with 18 clinics across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Neurosensory was established over 35 years ago as ENT surgeons wanted to ensure that all clients have a guaranteed standard for testing in hearing care.

In March 2015 Neurosensory purchased Everything Hearing and we look forward to continuing to provide hearing care you can trust.

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Hearing Assessments

Our audiologists work with you from initial consultation and assessment through to diagnosis and treatment. We'll recommend the best solution for you, be it rehabilitation or the use of a hearing aid.

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Testing for Children

We are equipped to assess hearing function from newborn. Our qualified audiologists perform a variety of age appropriate hearing function tests and promise, above all, accuracy in the correct diagnosis of hearing impairment.

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Hearing Aids & Accessories

We provide a full range of hearing aids and accessories from all of the leading manufacturers. Whatever your level of loss we have a model and style that will suit your lifestyle.

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Information for GPs

If you have a patient that you would like to refer to Neurosensory, you can do so by contacting your nearest clinic. Alternatively, you can request one of our referral pads.

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